Kelson Helbig

Currently he is the custom fabricator, welder and assistant architectural metal designer for AO Designs in Detroit MI. Kelson is an artist working in a wide variety of mediums and is well versed in fabricating and manufacturing. Starting off as a ceramicist his interests in kiln building techniques and processes became a vehicle for transitioning his skills to fabrication of metals. He has been deeply rooted in southeast Michigan his whole life and has worked in the city of Detroit for the past thirteen years. He draws from a network of established artists around the Detroit area to help facilitate project development through laser cutting, metal processing, welding and custom designs. Kelson and 24 others runs and operation a collective studio, maker/hacker space in the Eastern Market called Omnicorpdetroit. This studio provides a space to design, create and invent as well as hold workshops, events and public gatherings. He has been the head fabricator and personal assistant of professional sculptors for nine years and is well on the track to becoming a professional sculptor himself.

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Kelsey Zsido

Come March, 2016, Kelsey will have been working for Aodesigns studios for one year. She was previously studying at Wayne State University for a degree in fine art but left academia to begin producing and selling work. In addition to documenting projects on the blog and managing, Kelsey sculpts the clay figures, makes the moulds and casts the wax. She has been sculpting and drawing since childhood, and is currently building a portfolio of work in sculpture, painting, and Web Design. She is owner/operator of Kelsey lives in Detroit, Michigan.

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